Rogue River Graves Creek to Whisky Creek Cabin – January 27, 2018

Hike Coordinator – Brad Bishop

Two carloads of hearty hikers braved the cold, the Rogue and a rookie hike leader on our Graves Creek to Whiskey Creek adventure on January 27. Would it snow? Would anyone be swept into the Rogue by the waterfalls we had to cross? Does Brad know where the heck he’s going? No, No and kinda.

The weather was threatening to rain, but actually did so very little. We even enjoyed an occasional burst of sunlight as we hiked our way along the precarious ridge of the gorge. With the recent rains many of the small waterfalls crossing the trail looked dangerous enough to sweep the unsuspecting into the Wild Rogue, but all of us managed to make it through with guidance from the veteran hikers, some of whom were even pointing out landmarks such as the high-water mark of a 1960’s flood.

Through tree cover and rock outcroppings we made our way to the old Miners Cabin for a cold but dry lunch. There stories of past expeditions on the Wild Rogue were told and a consensus view that if you tried to sleep inside the electric anti-bear food fence, that you would be demoted back to Bushwhacker. 

After the brief respite we headed back to our starting point of Graves Creek with a sense of accomplishment, that, with our toughness, perseverance and determination we could overcome anything nature had to throw at us. Until the trail-runners passed us up, then we did’t feel so tough anymore  

Pictures by Richard O’Neill