Friends of the Umpqua Hiking Schedule – April 21, 2018 through July 11, 2018

Meet – The group meets before 8 am in the Douglas County Courthouse parking lot behind the old Douglas County Library. In general, most hikes take an hour to an hour and a half driving time each direction.

Bring – Each person should bring water, lunch, layers of clothing including raingear. If you wish to carpool then please come prepared to share gas expenses. Driving time to trailheads and hike length are estimates only.

Be Prepared – Wear seasoned boots. Stay with the group and on the trail. If lost, stay put. Each hiker hikes at his or her own risk and is responsible for his or her own health, safety and welfare. Hiking destinations may be changed due to weather conditions or other concerns.

The hike coordinator will have you sign a SignInWaiver to participate.

Hikes are submitted to the News Review for publication. A schedule is also listed on this website and is often posted on the club’s Facebook page.

Hike destinations are subject to change at the hike coordinator’s discretion due to weather conditions, etc.


April 21 – Deer Leap Section of the North Umpqua Trail: Due to recent weather, we are changing the hike from the Jack-Ash Trail to the Deer Leap section of the North Umpqua Trail. This will be the 10 mile Deer Leap section starting near Toketee Lake and will be a one-way trek downriver offering lofty perspectives of the river below, with the hike concluding at Medicine Creek. For those not wishing to hike the entire length, the distance can modified to a shorter out and back hike. For more information, call or text Lane Harris at 541-643-9278.

May 5 – Sutton Creek: This 5 mile hike north of Florence will an easy ramble next to Sutton Creek and will provide hikers with views of the creek and coastal forest. For more information call or text Richard O’Neill 541-643-3550.

May 19 – Taylor Creek: The last time the club hiked this trail we waded across the creeks due to the sorry state of the bridges. However, our friends at the Sikiyou Mountain Club have built some brand new bridges that just demand we pay an appreciative visit to admire their handiwork. Taylor Creek is in the Rogue River area near Galice and the up and down trail has that Siskiyou Mountains vibe we all know and love. For more information call or text Richard O’Neill 541-643-3550.

June 2 – Boccard Point: The Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument straddles the Oregon-California and we are going hike 10 miles to Boccard Point. The views of both Oregon and California are tremendous, making the 10 miles of hiking worth it. But apart from the views, this hike will offer mountains, meadows, and wildflowers. This hike is rated as strenuous. For more information call Brad Bishop 541-530-7983.

June 16 – Cowhorn Mountain: The hike to the top of Cowhorn Mountain is a perennial club favorite. At 7,894 feet, the mountain used be taller until an early 1900’s storm knocked down the “cowhorn” that gave Cowhorn Mountain its name. Views abound from the top, from the Three Sisters to Mount Thielsen, with plenty of blue lakes dotting the green forest in between. The hike will be from Timpanogas Lake instead of our more customary Windigo Pass approach. This hike is strenuous. For more information call Edwin Case 541-839-4334.

June 30 – Jack-Ash Trail: We had to scratch this hike in April because of snow but we shouldn’t have that problem now. This hike remains on our schedule because none of us have ever been so the alluring new-trail smell calls us like a barbecue calls to the neighbors. When complete, the Jack-Ash Trail will run from Jacksonville to Ashland and we are pretty excited to get to hike it at its beginning stages. For more information call or text Lane Harris 541-643-9278.

July 11 – Potluck and Scheduling Meeting at Ron Owen’s house. Bring your own plates, utensils and something yummy. Potluck begins at 5:30 and the planning meeting begins approximately 6pm. We will be planning hikes for the next four months. Please come prepared with ideas of where you would like to hike. For more information call Ron 541-680-2256 or Rheo 541-677-0799 or Dollie 541-673-2365.

July 14 – Rattlesnake Mountain: In recent years, Rattlesnake has made it difficult to get a hike in due to forest fires and heavy snow (but not at the same time). Despite its name, the chances of seeing a rattlesnake are pretty slim. What is most likely to be seen though, are the peaks of the Rogue-Umpqua Divide Wilderness and the Cascade Mountains near Crater Lake, along with meadows and wildflowers. While this hike is a moderate 6 miles, the hike to the summit is steep. For more information call John Malone 541-673-1973.

August 15 – 19th – Club Campout: Our destination this year is Lassen National Park. For more information call or text Lane Harris 541-643-9278.