North Bank Habitat – December 30, 2017

Hike Coordinator – Richard O’Neill

The North Bank Habitat, near Glide, has become our last-hike-of-the-year tradition, if the last 4 or 5 years are any indication. 

The whole vibe was foggy when we started but it was a thin fog, so there was hope that the day would turn out to be sunny. We headed up the Soggy Bottom in decidedly chilly temps that were not too far off from freezing. However, because of the exertion of hiking uphill, we were soon warmed up despite the cold. 

The day could never decide whether it was going to be foggy and generally hung around somewhere in between. When we arrived at the northern boundary ridge, the winter sun broke out but shortly thereafter, a fog bank rolled in, making the trees seem ghostly in the mist. But before we began dropping off the ridge, the sun broke out again and we were rewarded with a spectacular rainbow. Anyway, that was the way of it on this sunny/foggy-sunny/foggy day.

As we descended down towards the North Umpqua River, the sun broke out for mostly good and the views from the eastern ridge were about as perfect as fiddle solo in a country song. All in all, a great way to close out the year in a great hiking miles and in Roseburg’s own backyard.

Pictures by Richard O’Neill